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Barnard Class of 2010

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11/13/06 02:16 am - sunshineofmesox

how does one go about obtaining an instructor's permission for a 4000-level religion class?

8/9/06 03:14 pm - worldismarble - YO HO HO

Are we supposed to write something about The Last Of Her Kind, or is it just for casual summer reading?

6/20/06 10:31 am - luckystar13

Hey guys,

Sorry if you get this twice, I posted it in in both the columbia2010 and barnard_2010 boards.

Hope you are all having really good summers and are really excited to be getting to Barnard in the fall. It's a pretty amazing experience, truth be told, and you will love orientation week. (Not for the events, most likely, but for the parties and the people you meet) I dunno. I could be totally off, but I had a really good time, and I was one of those kids who wasn't fond of high school, so maybe they're related.
Anyway, I hope you don't mind that I'm an intruder from CC '09 writing on the board, but I wanted to talk about Columbia Daily Spectator briefly. I'm sure you guys know it's the campus daily paper (for the whole university) and it's a pretty big enterprise that only grows and improves with every year.

I don't want to flood this board with messages about it, but I did want to offer you guys my contact information in case you guys were more interested in joining. I'm one of the associate news editors, and I truly think Spectator is one of the more rewarding experiences you can partake in at college. Not that it's all perfect, and I promise to be really honest in answering your questions. We can talk about applying, committment, the people, the social aspects, how to move up, and anything else you're curious about.

I also want to reiterate that the Spec is NOT just for writers or aspiring journalists. We're always looking for photographers, business staff, graphic designers, people that are just good with computers, etc.  And we also train so if you've never had experience at a paper, we can get you started. And because we're established, it looks REALLY good on a resume. (And it's really fun, actually, I promise.) I'd venture to say there's a place for everyone at Spec, so please e-mail me if you're interested in more information.

This is longer than I wanted, so to close: My e-mail is sadia.latifi@gmail.com, or you can facebook message/friend me, and we can talk there. If you want to talk about stuff not-Spec related, I'm also there for that ,too.

Have a great summer!

6/13/06 05:34 pm - iwaitedforyou

Has anyone heard anything about their being admitted from the wait list yet...?

Sorry... I'm getting anxious and antsy and work is booooring. ;)

6/4/06 03:40 pm - eugepaegregor

Is anyone going to the summer advising session tomorrow at Barnard?

I'm not sure if I should bring my parents or go solo...?

5/26/06 07:18 pm - sunshineofmesox

How are we supposed to sign up for courses if we can't use e-bear yet?

5/25/06 03:08 pm - eugepaegregor

I just got another information packet in the mail, and now I really want to do the Columbia Urban Experience (CUE) Program this August.

Anyone else interested?

5/22/06 01:39 am - jukeboxgasoline - Waitlist

This is for everyone on the waitlist, because I know it's difficult to get information out of the admission office. I called on Friday to get more details about the waitlist and this is what they told me:

* Barnard IS admitting from the waitlist this year.
* There are several hundred ladies on the list.
* Admission is being offered in cycles: a certain number of applicants will be offered admission in a cycle, then they will have a week to decide, and based upon how many spaces still need to be filled thereafter, they will offer admission to another cluster of applicants, and so forth.
* Applicants who are offered admission may be notified by phone and/or through mail.
* Financial aid awards will be given immediately after, if not concurrent with, the offer of admission. This is contingent upon completion of the financial aid application.
* All waitlisted applicants will receive some sort of communication from Barnard by early to mid June, even if (regrettably) admission isn't offered.

I hope this helps ease some of the anxiety. Knowledge is power, right?

5/5/06 03:09 pm - iwaitedforyou - Wait List and $

Is anyone else around here a wait lister who's still waiting to hear if they've been admitted?

I'm probably the only one.

But I'm keeping the faith.

I will def. let you guys know if I get any good news.

Oh annnnnd I was wondering if you guys who were admitted got the financial aid you needed/were hoping for from Barnard.


5/5/06 10:19 am - dapheduck - hey ladies

Who are some of your favorite bands/artists?

I love...Collapse )

P.S.- I can't wait until August/September. : )
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